Tuesday 1 November 2011

Devil's Dyke

The way we went in, I love this entrance!

Went to grandparents again today, on the way back we stopped off at Devil's Dyke; boundary of the old village of a peoples called the Catuvellauni tribe, they lived near Wheathampstead.
I also lived in Wheathampstead until I was almost 8! This, to me at the time was obviously some kind of sign of my immense importance and I looked at this woody ditch with a kind of reverence, it was special, it was symbolic of me in some way that I can't describe.


So yeah, we went for a little walk there because we fancied it, It was pretty and autumny and lovely! I like being in places to walk and that sort of thing. Mainly because I like the change of pace and I like peace and quiet and having a break for a few moments because I can "recover" from the "sickness" of modern life and stuff, all the trappings of computers and tellys and lights and the binding feeling I can get from spending my life to engrossed in them can be relieved by being in nature for a bit!

I searched for the familiar landmarks I was used to but some of the trees that fell in the storm of '87 aren't there anymore, it's changed but it's just the same in so many ways, I even fell over! Also got dog poo on my shoe!

One of the fallen trees from the '87 storm!

I also met a friendly friendly cat! This is without doubt the most friendly cat EVER and we discovered from meeting his slave just down the path a bit that his name is Bailey! I bent down to say hello and he tried to jump up, I then picked him up for a cuddle since he seemed to want one, he then climbed on my shoulder and wouldn't get off! He wanted to be cuddled and cuddled! He then refused to get down and insisted on being held much as one would hold a baby over a shoulder. But yes, he came on the walk for a bit before his doggy friend said hello and he went home!

Then we went to the car and got in and went home! (having removed my shoes!)


  1. OH I have to get out of the city soon. I like the tree with all the wiggly branches. :-) These are lovely photos, thank you for sharing 'em.

  2. Lovely post, crazy cat :)

  3. Thanks :-) You may have noticed the theme recently, I like Autumn and woods... despite poo >.<

  4. lovely photos, brill place with an excellent name! beware of friendly cats though.. i believe they have a hidden agenda! x