Monday 14 November 2011


Stop the division!
I am sick of everything being “fat girls this” “thin girls this” When having an issue with a “#fatstippernames” hashtag how does it actually help to come in with a “#fatgirlsarebeautifulbecause” hashtag? While I obviously agree that any hashtag aimed at making fun of people is a horrible thing and that the hashtag causes great offence, however is the other one actually much better? Especially when filled with venom about “thin girls”!
Why do we feel the need to split ourselves into right and wrong, good and bad? Can we not actually just be individuals, all beautiful in our way? Can we not aim to validate people by their uniqueness, or their hearts, or hell, by their looks, but not by attempting to belittle others? Fat girls can be beautiful because they frigging are! Skinny girls can be nice because they are! Why does a hashtag meant to make people feel better just become a way of being snarky about the moral values or looks of the other people?
Let’s all just be wonderful ok? Don’t need to make other people small to make yourself happier, we can all do it! We can all be lovely, ok? Coz we are!
That simple!

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