Friday 11 November 2011

My Week in Pictures

This week I am up north! I didn't go to see Jimmy Fixitman off, even though I am in Leeds, I had no desire to go see an ostentatious coffin, I am having some simple time, it's good! Family and friends and stuff are GOOD!
Me and Faye

Dad and Brother

Faye, me, Dad, Brother! All of us are sitting on sofas this week, like wonderful sofa sitting people!

This is what I arrived up north to! An odd welcome!

I bought socks!

Saw the Handiest dusch EVER!
Bought EXPENSIVE SOCKS! (£8 for 2 pairs M&S)
Went for lunch and had a huge burger!

Dressed like someone from the 1970s!

These are horses outside my Dad's house!
I woke up!

I also started a Role Playing game
with My Bother and Dad
It's based around the Call of Cthulu system
and based vaguely on the setting in
this book, but in the
London Underground rather than the
Russian Metro
Right, done loads more but these are the bits I choose to tell you of! Maybe next week I shall tell you of the visit to the Evanescence concert and the trip back down south!

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