Friday 28 October 2011

Into the woods

So I woke up and wanted to go for a walk, turns out a) my Mum and little sister were busy and b) the bus doesn't go to Milton anymore!
Therefore me and my Brother popped to Brownsfield for a walk and stuff.

It was nice being out in nature and stuff, sometimes you just need to get out and get a bit lost!

The pond was a) empty and b) there was quite a lot of debris about, some idiots had obviously used it as a bit of a dumping ground, this makes me sad! People should really take more care of their environment! It's a real shame to see it in such a state!

There were some amazing mushrooms! I think mushrooms are very pretty, esspecially when they're covered in frost!

Very pretty autumny stuff out there! Pretty leaves and berries and nutty seed poddy thingies.

The trip made me all smiley! Horray!


  1. Love pictures like this ('cept the one of the litter!) The red tree is spectacular!

  2. Thanks!
    Also this proves that blogger lies and this post has been has been viewed!

  3. is this within walking distance of your house? very nice. that a pic of your brother? i'm really loving all the pics. vlog next. x