Saturday 19 November 2011

The hat of cunning!

some of you may be aware of the series Firefly, or the film Serenity, if you're not then what are you even doing here? Huh? HUH? GO WATCH IT NOW!
On the wonderful ship called Serenity there is a man called Jayne, there was once a song about him...

Right, so anyways, I decided I wanted to get me some of that mighty fine hat looking action so I got myself a fivers worth of wool and a pattern and with the help of @MargoJMilne I set about knitting it on straight needles for that was all I had.

I set about knitting, I knitted in front of the telly, I knitted in bed, I knitted on the bus, in a car, on a train, I knitted in Cambridge, I knitted in Leeds, I knitted a whole load of places is basically what I'm saying!
Finally, one cold autumn evening it was done! I stopped boring my twitter friends with inane innuendo about flaps, and instead started on the pom-pom euphemisms and shouting about tangled yarn.

So then I sewed on the pom-pom and sewed up the seem in the back and it was done!
and now I have a cunning hat, I look fabulous in it! Don't say I don't coz I know you be lying coz you're jealous of the hat, I have one, you don't!

the cunning hat!