Tuesday 4 February 2014

Renewed and personalised lamp.

Hello blogging people! Long time no see.

 I have recently renewed an old lamp I got from a hoarder's house clearance. Due to the years and the hoarding it'd got very dirty and needed a lot of cleaning but after cleaning I love the way it still has a lovely shabby look.

Before and After

I used cleaning wipes, dettol and old toothbrush to get the dirt from all the nooks and crannies but it's been stained by the years of buildup. I could have painted it up again but I like the aged feeling to it.

I've started to build up purple and dark
red items in my new place so this fits well
without feeling too "themey"

I bought a cheap lampshade for £3.99 and attached some (24) vinyl stickers (wall decals from ebay) and boom, a simple and quick lamp rejuvenation for next to nothing.

I used Plum and Maroon butterfly stickers
but you could use whatever fits with your style.

Wombleface x