Saturday 20 November 2010

News, plus organising meltdown

Hi, it's been far too long, sorry about that, not that anyone apart from my Sister (Hi) reads this lol!
So, my website is up and sorted
Also, my Etsy shop has items listed now!
or my twitter @cainglain
Why oh Why can't I organise my workroom? I have a load of little drawers now, more than I believe to be legal and publicly decent unless one is a drawer shop or an apothecary.
However, whenever I go out to my workroom to sort it out I start getting agitated, why wont the 10 little tubs of frit I have plus my 2 big pots fit exactly in anything? Why can't I find anywhere satisfactory for any of my bits? It drives me insane! why do they not make everything fit inside everything else which then lines up with the edges of whatever it's sitting on?!
Therefore I do what I normally do which is give up and go back to it later, where apon the exact same thing happens all over again. Grrr.
I wish I could say I'm waiting for someone to help me but when people come to try and help they just don't get it and try to chuck bits that don't go together together.
I am very fastidious you see and this leads to me either living in a huge mess, or else wanting to compulsively label everything.
Right, since this post is more of a rant than anything and since I don't have a solution to said problem I'm going to end it here but just Arrgghhh!
That's better
I'll put the kettle on
Ceri @Cainglain

Thursday 17 June 2010

Css is evil!

i'm not doing a whole lot right now but i'm doing lots of DIY, when i'm not doing that i'm trying to sort out my website, however, CSS doesn't want to play ball, it's driving me mad! Half wish i'd done something useful for my degree now like computing! Stoopid health sciences! You can't do jewellery making, building websites or DIY with that! See you soon


Friday 11 June 2010

Marrakesh Collection

Started to make these last night, the beads are a mix of vintage acrylic (or possibly lucite, not sure), a/b Czech crystal and copper coloured seed beads.

I've been using them with a mix of brass and copper which gives a really nice warm feeling and the rich jewel based colours give a touch of the opulant.

I imagine couscous, fruits, exotic spices and candlelight through geometric fretwork.

Anyways, on with the pictures

Obviously there will be more!

Wednesday 9 June 2010


Right! now I can add pictures properly!
Again though, these are taken with my phone so kinda crappy.
These are my first efforts with the hot head for the purpose of selling rather than playing.

Anyways, if you want an unusual, quality gift come to the Arbury Carnival this Saturday (the 12th) in Cambridge UK.

Mention this blog for 10% off!

1 Hollow Bead: was very impressed with myself for making a hollow bead! they're amazing and actually not that complicated to make.

2 Coaster: I think the coaster is really very pretty, just gotta work on getting the set done to look right.

3 Leaves: These are my first leaves, I love these, so simple but effective!

4 Strawberries: love these, very whimsicle, very much a work in progress! but love the spotty one!

Thursday 3 June 2010

Lampworking pictures

Here are a few pictures of what i've been doing for the last few days 1st a hollow bead, 2nd my stawberries, 3rd some leaves.

Or at least i hope it'll post all 3 images, using blogaway on my phone to post these!

The start of a beautiful breakdown!

So, i have booked a stall at Arbury Carnival!
My friend Kaye and I will be selling our handmade wears, Kaye has loads of stock, i however have virtually nothing i would choose to inflict on a paying public!
So 10 days left and over the last few days I've been on a purchasing spree... bought glass, kiln shelves, a cermics mould (which will be used for resin at first) to make coasters, a load of little feet thingies for the bottoms of coasters etc.

what i have made in the last few days... 3 strawberries... all sharp at one or both ends... no good for selling but good practice. 2 hollow beads.. again a bit mishapen for selling. a few misc experimentations, no good for selling.
Tonight i have made 2 lampwork leaves (1 actually good, one possible) and am busy firing a coaster and broken beads in the kiln!
it gets adictive-creating!

Cain Glain