Saturday 20 November 2010

News, plus organising meltdown

Hi, it's been far too long, sorry about that, not that anyone apart from my Sister (Hi) reads this lol!
So, my website is up and sorted
Also, my Etsy shop has items listed now!
or my twitter @cainglain
Why oh Why can't I organise my workroom? I have a load of little drawers now, more than I believe to be legal and publicly decent unless one is a drawer shop or an apothecary.
However, whenever I go out to my workroom to sort it out I start getting agitated, why wont the 10 little tubs of frit I have plus my 2 big pots fit exactly in anything? Why can't I find anywhere satisfactory for any of my bits? It drives me insane! why do they not make everything fit inside everything else which then lines up with the edges of whatever it's sitting on?!
Therefore I do what I normally do which is give up and go back to it later, where apon the exact same thing happens all over again. Grrr.
I wish I could say I'm waiting for someone to help me but when people come to try and help they just don't get it and try to chuck bits that don't go together together.
I am very fastidious you see and this leads to me either living in a huge mess, or else wanting to compulsively label everything.
Right, since this post is more of a rant than anything and since I don't have a solution to said problem I'm going to end it here but just Arrgghhh!
That's better
I'll put the kettle on
Ceri @Cainglain