Tuesday 4 August 2015

Long time no speak Womble-Watchers, it appears I'm rubbish at blogging. Too much worrying about whether what I say is palatable or meaningful or worth anything.
Too long have I let this place become a mausoleum for my online life... I'm not even tweeting much anymore.

I want to jump back in but I'm not sure how, like a child having fallen from their bike I'm feeling apprehensive about how to get on again.

I think/hope I get it, I think my fear of what others might think about my thoughts is stopping me from exploring what they actually are. I'm not living online anymore, I'm not sure how but I want to start again.

This tempest inside my head brought up the idea of Internet anonymity past and present.

There have been recent stories of the right to be forgotten, I kind of miss the Internet of old where we were, at least somewhat screaming into the void, connected but not physically.

I'm now in a situation where many of my closest friends and I met online, generally on Twitter but yet I've all but retired from Twitter.

I wonder whether it's because my online persona is now around 5/6 years old at least and the people that care know who/where I am in real life. It leaves me feeling more than a little unsafe. A good old flame war is one thing but when someone can bring those flames to your front door it's quite another.

I guess the thing to attempt is to care less, somewhere along the line the whole wide world sprouted teeth and got all shadowy and dangerous.

I want to claim our togetherness back. I want to feel supported by each other rather than concentrating on ways I could get hurt.

My wonderful real life tweep network are some of the most lovely and supportive people I've ever met, I choose to believe that the majority of the world is like this instead of being as fox news would present it.

Anyway, this whole rambling post was meant to be a warning that I may post more regularly or I may not (Depends if I want to really), also a restating of the purpose of this blog...

Some sort of mixture of baking, cooking, crafting, disability, health/social policy, mental health issues and graphics. It may or may not be interesting, that's not the point, the point is if I can work out s focus for my blogging and my thoughts I would be really more prolific than I am.

I think that will do me for now.