Thursday 10 November 2011

Finding Self

I always worry when I write, obviously, I’m just me; I’m not an expert in anything and I don’t research these ramblings, so don’t expect me to be coherent or able to defend everything I write with fervour and knowledge, we clear? Ok!

Seems to me that Finding ourselves is kind of the point, otherwise, what is it pray tell? Other than having little people and making them somewhat less fucked up than ourselves and making the world a less sucky place I think finding out who we are is pretty much the it!

It seems  to me that sometimes people don’t actually understand how much their words hurt, I know I generally don’t ever mean to cause actual hurt, let alone with words and choose to believe that this is true for the rest of the human race!

The alternative is horrible and I discount it as stupid!

It seems to me that the clever people in this world have the bull by the horns, have hit the nail on the head so to speak and are all too keenly aware that they have to be ok with themselves, and become a person that they can love and live with, that they need to accept who they are, or change their expectations. That is, they need to be a whole person, to be enough for them! The other people are the gravy!

The less self aware people of this world are constantly hiding from themselves or busy pretending they are ok, because they’re too scared to be alone; we’re scared of not being good enough. Then the blame comes in, we all scrabble for fulfilment, we grab at each other hoping to fill the hours, the days, our lives; with some kind of meaning and when someone takes what we perceive as happiness away we blame, we hurt and we attack.

Secret is though, you are responsible for your happiness, you are not single-handedly responsible for the rest of the world’s, for me part of making me happy is making the world a more friendly place, a better place where people can live and love and learn and all that crap! However, that’s ME, it’s making ME happy, it’s not selfless or altruistic, it’s self interested. I consider being ‘nice’ to be a huge part of being happy, and therefore I have to include it.

You don’t need to hide or worry though because why do you need to be ok with others? Why are you not good enough? Because they’re busy trying to tell you you owe them happiness! How selfish is that? Never sell yourself short, you are responsible for you and yours, if someone is a threat to that it’s not your fault, it’s that bastards fault, don’t forget it and give yourself some slack!

Also time, give yourself some time...

In fact give yourself some time, a cup of tea and a biscuit!

*goes off to find a biscuit*

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  1. That was a rant of remarkable emotional maturity. I think you've hit the nail on the head. :-)