Tuesday 11 October 2011

SOUP! Hooray!

I have been making soup!
In my slow cooker, it has been an experiement and I think a sucessful one!

That carrot soup gets EVERYWHERE if you're not paying any attention!

I have made some Carrot soup and some Onion soup...

Recipe time (Ceri Styleeeee) for those that asked

Carrot Soup
Makes approx 1.75 litres
Cooking time 8+hrs (I did about 18-20) on low
2 Medium size potatoes
6 medium/smallish carrots but essentially enough to fill the tub about 3/4 full
Italian herbs a dash
some salt
some pepper
some ginger
about 3 desertspoons of honey
boiling water
2 desertspoons of vegetable gravy
a hand blender

Right, I pealed the carrots and potatoes and chopped them into stew size pieces, popped them in, added about 2 desert spoons full of gravy and poured the water up enough to cover the veg.
then I added a dash of herbs. put the lid on the slow cooker and left it for about 18 hours (checking now and then to make sure it wasn't getting low on liquid but it wasn't.
I then whizzed it, then added honey, a few shakes of ginger and salt and pepper...

Carrot Soup!
Onion Soup
Makes Approx 1.75 litres
Cooking time 8+ hours (I did about 18-20) on low
6 onions
75g of stock mix (mix of lentils and pearl barley, I guess either would work fine)
Italian herbs a dash
some salt
some pepper
boiling water
2 desert spoons of vegetable gravy
a hand blender

I peeled and chopped onions, then I popped them in the slow cooker through tears (damn onions) then I added the gravy, then poured water in to almost the top of the stock pot, added herbs and cooked for about 16 hours.
I added the stock mix about 2 hours before I finished it...
It might have been a bit better if the stock mix had had more time to soak!
I  added salt, pepper and blended it.
The recipe may have benefited from meat stock rather than vegetable to be honest but I was trying to be veggie friendly.

Onion Soup!

When I can be bothered I'll add a stew recipe too!


  1. carrot looks yum, might try that. not to sure about onion soup. i had french onion soup, homemade, once way back in my youth - it was to tasty but i've never found anything to compare with it since.
    nice post. x

  2. Looks lush :-D I keep forgetting that I can do stuff like this in the slow cooker. I've also got some recipes saved from @mediocre_mum's blog that I need to try too.

  3. Woot, thanks for the comments, just spotted them! I do love my soup and they're meant to help you lose weight too! :D