Wednesday 19 October 2011

My Family is ODD!

My brother and I just had a ridiculous debate!
The things you do at 2am eh?

I was talking about how I was trying to find out the mathematical probability of life coming into existence. As I had recalled the probability is so tiny as to be impossible in mathematical terms, i.e. the mathematical definition of impossible is very, very unlikely.
Anyways, I was frustrated because I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a discussion on religion and that’s not what I was after!

So yes, where was I? That’s right, I was explaining the whole idea that life on earth began on quartz crystals because left handed amino-acids [stick?] to some facets and right handed amino acids to the other facets, which is a very crude explanation of the evolution of proteins as I recall from my brief studying of the subject in 2004.

He then chimed in with a discussion he had with our Dad about Chirality (basically left/right handed amino-acids and their proteins) and how this would make most communication with alien species with right handed amino-acid based life difficult at best because “We wouldn’t be able to digest them and they wouldn’t taste right!”. This is interesting in itself to me, however, me being the dirty-minded person I am the following thoughts developed in my head!

“Unable to digest them” became the automatic assumption that we would try to kill and eat them. (i.e. being unable to digest if their proteins were right-handed) OR (this is where the dirtiness comes in!) that they “didn’t taste right” which could only be interpreted in my mind as Oral sex!

It strikes me that this is an unintended but interesting theory on human motivations:
“Can I eat it? Can I screw it?” if the answer to both of these is no, then there is obviously nothing in it for us!

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  1. i'm not sure i understood any of this... i fink i'm fick... X0