Sunday 23 October 2011


Humans hate, I don't know why, I'm not all that good at it to be honest with you, I tend to not hold grudges in general.
There has been some discussion about words and their use in hate, while I agree that certain words have bad associations for people I would argue that it's not the words themselves that hold the power, it's the hate that has the power.
I'm fairly sure "White" or "Brown" or "Green" or "Homunculus" have no hate in them as entities, they are just words, words that are used to describe feelings, it's the feelings behind the words that are offensive.
That being said, there are words that I just will not use, this is because I recognise that their use within society is as a word associated with hate, it's like the name "Hitler" it's not in itself a bad, or angry, or evil name, but the man that is associated with it is full of hate and prejudice. I think we are ALL guilty of using prejudicial terms, I, for example have been known to use the word "Tory", the word "Toff" and I'm sure loads of others.

What we need to try and do I think is become more tolerant, as we have had the ability to discriminate based on race and disability "restricted", more words have come up in their place, for example "Scrounger" and "Black culture" used to attempt a pseudo-acceptable form of prejudice!

It has become more and more obvious to me over the past few years, there is far more hate than I even thought possible in the world and it would just be nice for us to stop.

What I say is, blame the hater not the word!
Language is beautiful


  1. You are a lovely. :-)

  2. Am am frigging wonderful, I am the epitome of all of humanity I am.......
    Also, I am incredibly modest!
    I think I mean thanks :-)