Friday 21 October 2011

Bus Stop Biggots

So I got on the bus at the hospital, not noticing that the bus which normally goes all the way to my house only went into the city centre (blooming cuts)! This, mixed with static traffic on one of the main roads leading up to it lead to 1 full hour with no bus, then one arrived, with a wheelchair user already on board.

Nightmare for the 2 people with wheelchairs already at the bus stop as they couldn't get on!

Then during the 20 minutes it took before I took a different bus to my Mum's house I was talked "at" by the daughter of one of the wheelchair users, this was a tirade about somebody they obviously knew who was in a wheelchair on the bus that just went.

She claimed that she was "entitled" to say what she liked because she was pregnant and then proceeded to say that this lady was cheating the system, stealing DLA, that her mum can't get it because of scum like the lady on the bus who was "walking last week".

Her mum looked embarrassed to be frank and said nothing.

I am SICK of this animosity! I even asked her what was wrong with this person who was not here to defend herself, she didn't even KNOW!

I was on my way home from a neurology appointment, having just explained to him about the 3 times at least I have resorted to crutches in the last 2 months, he was amazed I wasn't more variable and was pleased with how well I'm doing.

To be presented with this hate on the way home was more than I can bear, I have no idea why I didn't say something more than I did, I should have done but I was tired and just got the next bus going to my mothers to escape.


  1. y'know, sometime there's really no point. these people don't listen to reason anyhow, so no point in wasting your breath. pay it forward instead.

  2. I've often noted that many people are sympathetic towards others with acute health problems, but not to those with chronic ones, especially if the condition is variable.

  3. I've often noticed that bus stops are THE place for bigots to congregate. There and in hairdressing salons. In my case they notice me and start complaining loudly about "immigrants." Such a shame we can't be more interested in the human rather than the condition.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful comments x