Monday 10 October 2011

How do people do it?

Right, I really don't bloody get it! I don't get this life thing at all!

This is what that little voice is saying all the time! I am unconvinced of its helpfulness

I have different aspects of me, Mainly I have the creative jewellery/beadmaking part of me, I made this blog because I didn't think it was right to mix up that blog with this one!
I also have my OUie Health Sciences side, it's left wing and wants to support people in general, the ones that can't or aren't equipped to help themselves, so I'm thinking of starting a blog for that too.

On top of all this I have the other stuff I do, I live by myself and so have to do the shopping, the cleaning, the cooking etc. etc. etc. by myself.

I want to volunteer for a local charity so that I can gain experience which will help me move into employment later.

I get the feeling many people do these things easily but yet with MS and Depression I am finding it difficult to cope with this level of stuff to do! I try to get everything done and yet end up coming up short on a regular basis!

I'm doing slow cooking and freezing to help cut down the number of takeaways I eat when I'm feeling ill, some days it's a struggle and a real achievement to get to the loo, how can I hope to cope with being grabbed and pulled by invisible ropes in every single direction?

If you know the trick please let me know!


  1. y'know, sometimes even those of us without a valid excuse suffer from lack of motivation/procrastination/outright laziness. but i think you need to cut yourself some slack. break up each target into smaller, more achievable goals and, when you have a bad day? do everything you can to make yourself feel better. xx

  2. I only have one trick, and you've taken to it like a duck to water. Cooking soup and freezing it. Although in the last two months I have been ill, my parents have been keeping my freezer supplies stocked. Good luck xx