Thursday 20 October 2011

My two penneth

Why do we humans feel the need to inflict pain on others?

I would love to say that I'm above such things but I know that I'm wrong, I know that I'm a human and small and petty, I'm easily lead and all the other mad, crazy things that humans are in order to get them through the world as social creatures.

I have to talk about an unpleasant subject with someone I care about but they're making themselves completely unavailable, this is not only bloody insensitive but also irritating. It's causing me pain to think of the impending pain I will bring them. Therefore it plays repeatedly in my mind.

When I think about it and become upset, I at some point switch. I stop being the chaser and start saying not only "screw it" but because I don't like the lack of control over my own life I then think "let's cause maximum pain, make them sorry for ignoring me!" It's not clever, it's not me and I've not followed through on it but Oh my goodness are moments where it's tempting to go down that route!

This brings me to a recent twittergate/twitterstorm over a certain person; their insensitive remarks and apparent lack of care over the pain they caused. What it appears to me is going on is that when people are so out of control of their own life, have been so ignored that they simply cannot function, the old adage that any publicity is good publicity applies (even though simplistic) and it's at least some attention! When we are so removed from any power over our lives we become shells, so removed from love, our only outlet is causing others pain: at least a slap is some form of contact after all.

This is why I personally believe that that someone is to be pitied, just imagine being that unhappy, having so little self worth you must invent it, how sad that life must be.
Although we are animals, the curse of a brain is that we pick ourselves apart, maybe we should spend more time trying to be less bloody shitty to each other!
That would be a damn good start!

(rewritten a little 5 mins after posting)

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  1. You utterly, utterly rock and you're completely right on every level. :)