Sunday 17 April 2011

Bead a Day 16

I am really very pleased! I made a pretty! a VERY pretty!
Really proud of the stringer work on the trunk here.
It's an Effetre Dark Ivory base with CiM Adobe Ltd trunk and leafy bits of Effetre Grass Green and Lime Green.

I made the base bead, which is a slightly elliptical cylinder, then added a trunk with fairly thick stringer, I was so happy with my stringer control here, it really felt like painting it on which was fab!
I then added the grass green with stringer, just making globby spots here and there, it was looking good but needed something else, I had no other green stringer so spotted the lime green on direct from the rod, made sure it was all melted in, and that was it.
Amazingly it hasn't cracked! I love it! My fave of all of the beads I have made!

In Other news Riley (my boy cat) decided to jump on my workbench while the torch was on! I was SOOOO freaked! so that was one bead tonight ruined *sad face* as I had to chuck it in the bubbles while pinning him against the wall so I could get 2 hands free to get him down before he burned himself.

Anyways, Nighty night
Ceri @CainGlain

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