Friday 8 April 2011

Bead a Day 08

So I have given up on the idea of getting anything done today lampwork wise as I am shattered from all my gallovanting in towcester (aparently, pronounced toaster *boggles*).
So today's bead is yesterday's pre arranged focal, kind of hollow but with chunky walls.

The Flame-off was great, looked at things, bought things, spent way more than I meant to, had lunch, loitered... watched a few demo's on the screen downstairs, never actually got as far as upstairs, next year I may need to find accomadation so I can go for the Sat too to space it out and spend more time watching demo's.

Anyways, the what I bought list!
Copper findings
Liver of Sulphur
various flavours of pixie dust (mica powder)
enamel and enamel shakers
fine silver wire
silver leaf
1 rod of DH Aurae
1 rod of DH Aion 2
1 rod of DH Triton
1 rod of Reichenbach Dark Silver Brown
3 rods of CiM Butter Pecan
1 rod of CiM (I think) Stone Ground
and £10 worth of beads from Totally Beads

doesn't seem like much at all for the money but I know I have got myself some quality bits here!

Back to normal operations tomorrow!
Ceri @CainGlain

PS: Sorry sistertypes who have commented, hadn't noticed any, dunno how to get it to alert me when I have a new one.

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