Friday 15 April 2011

Bead a Day 14


Today I replaced my propane and continued with the new stringer play (after watching videos by Laura Sparling my stringer pulling is much better) The above are today's beads and yesterday's beads together. my stringer control (or more acurately the control of the heat and my experience) isn't the greatest but I'm sure it will improve with practice, it aready has a lot!

The beads are effetre Dark Ivory with CiM Adobe Ltd spots/bullseye things, vetrofond violet 272 with Effetre White stringer swirly things, Effetre Ivory with Dark Sky Blue stringer, Dark Sky Blue with White stringering, Effetre Dark Ivory with CiM Butter Pecan and Adobe Ltd and lastly Effetre Ivory with Grass Green stringer vines.
I was quite happy making beads and was doing my viney stringer one before disaster struck! Quite a chunk of the green stringer pinged off and under the wristband of my hoody! a lot of Ows and arm flailing to try to get it out it eventually seemed to and I went to sort myself out (run it under cold water) I now have 6 or so small blisters on my hand, painful!
So I stopped for the night and will do more tomorrow hopefully lol

Picture of my poorly hand *sniff* not sure you can see it well though!

Anyways, Off to bed!
Ceri @CainGlain

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