Friday 8 April 2011

Bead a Day 07

Well today I got my beads out of the kiln and my big purple one had cracked *frowny face* but it happens, not sure what I was going to do with it anyways, now it's going to become my bedroom lightpull so there's a silver lining to everything.

Today's beads are inspired by a Pete Tong clubby music thingy on the radio while I was working, I don't know why but I was drawn to turquoise transparent, like the mediteranian sea or something.
The First set is Effetre Light turquoise with ivory and fine silver wire.

The second set is Effetre light turquoise with I believe a blue that has something to do with ink (looks on tuffnells) either Ink Blue Effetre (a handmade special) or maybe CIM leaky pen with fine silver wire.
I really hate unlabeled glass as it's then impossible to judge which colour you need to order more of!

Flame off tomorrow, all excited! gonna end up spending much more than perhaps I should and I have no plans to buy anything in particular except for silver leaf. I'm sure I'll find lots though!

Anyways, bed time for tired lampworkers who have to be outta the house by 8am!

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