Tuesday 12 April 2011

Bead a Day 12

So today I was out with the fam for ages, shopping and such and then was knackered and was toooooo hot in the studio, as a result I've hardly got anything done. Though I did clean up the workshop and started making a tiara base.

All the beads from the last few days survived the kiln which is always nice!

The above bead is fairly large and focal, I was doing some more playing with organic glass, bizzare that one day I can spend an hour lampworking and make 12 small teal ones and then the other spend one hour on one!

Love it though, it was very cool making the bead half purple and half ivory, it was actually a straight divide between the colours until I added the intense black, webbed it (which is when it started deforming a little due to the super heating) and added SIS and fine silver wire (which I added the day before too but forgot to say, I'll edit it in).

Hope to do loads more tomorrow
tata for now
Ceri @CainGlain


  1. OOh pretty beads babes - finally I got on here X

  2. ty babe, I am indoor BBQing it up with the fam! (which means done in the oven/on the hob because it's too cold lol)you ok? x