Sunday 10 April 2011

Bead a day 09


This bead is my first try with silver leaf and I added some silver wire too. I must honestly point out that this bead is an awful lot uglier in real life than it is in this photo, in the photo it looks AMAZING but it's not, it's kinda a browny colour where the silver has changed colour but the camera made it all yellow *boggles*.
I have learned many things today, first being do not put your silver leaf on the aluminium marver because now I have a somewhat silver plated marver and a not very silver leafed bead (leaved? leafed?)!
I have now used all my light turquoise transparent, which is a real shame coz I loved it but not putting in an order for more glass for a while. I have one rod of turquoise transparent now... have an idea I'm going to put into practice tomorrow.


I made these small beads too, the one in the centre is only about the size of a normal bead, so the small ones are really quite small (spacers? I dunno) but I love them and these form the focus of my tomorrow based ideas, watch this space.
Feeling a little down now though, the central bead (which has the reverse problem to the one up top and the camera did no justice to at all) cracked after photographed it, which just sucks.
Hopefully I can make the halves into cabochons at some point though!

Anyways, bed time I think!

Ceri @CainGlain

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