Wednesday 14 December 2011

Validate me.... validate me hard!

Right, I have to write something about myself, and given that I'm no longer actually even capable of holding a coherent thought about myself for longer than one hundred and fourty characters I thought I would get you guys to help.

Please if you could tell me about me, then rather like a film puts up reviews of itself I can use what you say about me to help.

So, tell me about myself, review me... coz I'm constitutionally incapable of seeing what's behind her nose.
You can even do it anonymously if you like... I'm looking at you, yes you, you can say what you like!

k thx bai


Thank you for your input, I have been really quite ill recently which is even more difficult to gauge than my MS, Your wonderful comments have really helped.
Also, I'm sure they will be invaluable for helping me write a personal statement for my PGCE application, feeling a little better now.


  1. You express yourself totally, in the spur of the moment, honestly either in a hard or soft manner.

    never left in any doubt how you feel in that exact moment, out there for all to see, no messing no fuss, and you own that thought and time.

    sam galcapone x

  2. You are articulate and a mini super hero (You stand up for people when they are being bullied by hippies!)

    From what I know of you, you are an intellectual young woman, you give off an aura of someone who has strong beliefs and opinions but at the same time you listen and you are open to new ideas.

    You have a caring heart, and you are loving. You are fierce as you are kind. A brilliant role model for to many girls, including me.

  3. How has nobody added 'funny' or 'playful'?

  4. Also, nobody said my fave amino acid was Lysine either! Do I actually /know/ any of you people? :-P

    *sniffs* you're too kind you lot, I'll not be able to go out soon due to my head not fitting through the door.

    This comment might have gone better had I been able to spell and could express myself in a cogent manner!