Thursday 1 December 2011

My week in Pictures

It's the hat - again!

This week I have done lots, I dunno if this hat picture was from then or like last thursday or something, oh no! If it's not from this week how can it be in my "My week in pictures?" Coz I didn't do one last week, so NER!

Pasta! but Fast food!

I went to "Work" (volunteering) and had lunch and stuff! It's been the week of World Aids Day so it's been pretty darned busy! this was great lunch actually, it's fast food pasta! Wonderful idea!
So yeah, I went in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, not done full days or anything, only a few hours here and there but it makes all the difference to my mentality, I end up having so much more self respect.

Elspeth's picture of a
"random person"

Also it was nice to have somewhere to go chill out after what was the bleh of the DWP interview which was stressful, but a blooming relief when it was over. Then it was time all too quickly to go pick up Elspeth from school!
We then had loads of fun in the evening, with her watching Modern Family which is just fabulous and then it was time for bed. We were topping and tailing and she kept uncovering my feet so I kept waking up, but it
was really good!

Morning people!

Then it was Wednesday otherwise known as #n30 or strike day, etc. and my brother came over with breakfast for me and Ellie, then it was time to go into town to volunteer again and Ellie stayed with my brother.

the march in terrible lighting conditions

As I got in the march was going past, was lovely and joyful as an atmosphere! Shame I couldn't join them really! but after a while we all met up again in town and went to where the Rally was (even if it was mostly over by then) and we got stickers! Then coffee with @Puffles2010 and @smithsam on twitter who dealt very well with a sudden 11 year old given I didn't actually warn them I was bringing her!

I LOVE Hot Numbers Cafe

Then we went home via Arjuna (a health food store) on mill road, and picked up a posh squash, a pumpkin or something which I'm gonna make into soup at the weekend.

I don't know what this is called!

By this time it'd gotten really dark, and we enjoyed the Christmas lights on the way back through town to home, when Ellie went back home. I was all knackared and sleepy!

Anyways, that's enough for this week I guess, but I shall try to get back to it next week!
I'll leave you with possibly the most attractive photo that has ever been taken of me, I am so pretty!

Oh so pretty!

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