Monday 19 December 2011

The Ultimate Christmas Song

Nickie, my very good friend from twitter and Typecast has challenged me to decide upon my favourite Christmas song.

I was incredibly surprised by what immediately came to mind, for it wasn't the funky dancing childishness of Slade, or the rudeness of Mr Garrison from South Park, it was an immediate choice, and one I think describes me at this time of year to a T.

It describes everything that is important to me at any time, but so important at Christmas, I am often identified as a scrooge, because I don't like the bright lights, the flashing, the noise, the hustle, the bustle, the glitter, the forced joy, the intrusion of the bright and shiny into my life at the darkest time, it feels like shining a light directly into my eyes when I have had them shut in a dark room.
This song, feels like a warm fire, like mulled wine, and mince pies and pigs in jackets and feeling a bit sick from over eating but being curled up on the sofa with someone I love watching Christmas day telly!
This is my Christmas, and I so rarely get it, I don't want the everything else, I want the food, the joy and the love, the togetherness, standing against the darkest part of the year together and coming through it, with love.

Presents don't matter at all when you have that do they?

Many apologies if this one is already picked but it IS the Ultimate Christmas Song.
Tell me your favourite Christmas Song, or why not join in and write a post about yours, link back to me!

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  1. i did blog about MY favourite song too!