Friday 10 February 2012


Hi, it's been too long my dears.
I was reminded this morning it'd been a while since I last blogged by Kate Sutton of Witwitwoo who put my blog post Open Letter to Me in her BritMums Good Reads post.
It has been far too long, mainly necessetated by being far too busy, I have not been looking after my spoons and as a consequence do not have a whole lot more left at present.
Tomorrow I am doing stuff and I have a Jumble Sale to man (or woman) on Saturday but I hope that I'll get a catchup post done at some point.
Been doing lots of interesting stuff (to me anyways) I should share with you all, not had a lot of energy to blog when I've even been able to.
But I want to change that, I want to get back into doing a few posts a week.
I have been a very naughty Womble... blame the snow! When Wombles burrow in the snow they get snowdementia and go a bit weird (this is a bonafide 100% true Womble fact, ask any Womble you know to confirm it and they will!).

Anyways, bed time for me!
Nighty night people on the Internet!

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