Tuesday 14 February 2012

Galavanting about!

This is a bit of a catchup post I think, I can't remember where I last was when I blogged properly.
But since then I have been to the houses of parliament and met Julian Huppert, Prof Gazzard and had a bit of a tour of the Palace of Westminster.
This was all courtesy of the people I volunteer for at Dhiverse, an HIV and sexual health charity based in Cambridge, they've been so lovely, welcoming and understanding of me. It's a real pleasure to be volunteering with them. But anyways, they invited me on this trip to London and it was a real privilege to go.
It was amazing! So much history there, I could just spend months looking around at all the plaques and stuff!

This is me and all the Dhiverse team with Julian Huppert (@julianhuppert)

Then the next day, despite being in pain I went to the first #camtwoffee meeting, was loads of fun!

I met @imogen__may, @oneoffdave, @gingerrob, 
@weebles1703, @fayroberts and @living_as_if

Then, a few days later I was off again to London for #pufflespublunch very interesting, met some fab people and had very interesting discussions and some mad fun having a snowball fight!

@Puffles2010 was looking very pretty as usual and everyone I met was fab! Thanks to @thatsoph, @Penners_, @Dottysparkles, @Karmel80, @julesmattsson, @davebirdphoto, @MattRedmore, (I feel sure I have forgotten people, if you point out who they are then I'll pop them in! I don't remember everyone's twitter name).

By the end of all that I felt exhausted and sore and most of the week after it has been a blur, I went to go help my grandparents again (a normal weekly thing). I saw friends, I vegged a bit.

Anyways, I don't think anything amazing and life shattering has happened since then so I'm alright.

Oh, also, I'm doing an audioboo project, I am doing one silly "song" for every letter in the alphabet! So far I am up to K for Kraken, I shall do a huge blog post when I'm finished them all!

Right, I believe this means you know some stuff about what I've been up to and I've stopped the blogging silence!

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