Thursday 3 June 2010

The start of a beautiful breakdown!

So, i have booked a stall at Arbury Carnival!
My friend Kaye and I will be selling our handmade wears, Kaye has loads of stock, i however have virtually nothing i would choose to inflict on a paying public!
So 10 days left and over the last few days I've been on a purchasing spree... bought glass, kiln shelves, a cermics mould (which will be used for resin at first) to make coasters, a load of little feet thingies for the bottoms of coasters etc.

what i have made in the last few days... 3 strawberries... all sharp at one or both ends... no good for selling but good practice. 2 hollow beads.. again a bit mishapen for selling. a few misc experimentations, no good for selling.
Tonight i have made 2 lampwork leaves (1 actually good, one possible) and am busy firing a coaster and broken beads in the kiln!
it gets adictive-creating!

Cain Glain

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