Wednesday 9 June 2010


Right! now I can add pictures properly!
Again though, these are taken with my phone so kinda crappy.
These are my first efforts with the hot head for the purpose of selling rather than playing.

Anyways, if you want an unusual, quality gift come to the Arbury Carnival this Saturday (the 12th) in Cambridge UK.

Mention this blog for 10% off!

1 Hollow Bead: was very impressed with myself for making a hollow bead! they're amazing and actually not that complicated to make.

2 Coaster: I think the coaster is really very pretty, just gotta work on getting the set done to look right.

3 Leaves: These are my first leaves, I love these, so simple but effective!

4 Strawberries: love these, very whimsicle, very much a work in progress! but love the spotty one!

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