Monday 7 January 2013

Having a little difficulty

I haven't written in a while, mainly because my life has been so crazy I've not actually written any goals for 2013 because I've not really had any head space to write them.

I think I'm going to try to in fact just write here, once a day if possible, just as a general diary, doesn't matter about what but just getting my thoughts down is a good step forward I think.

Goals I want to get done before the end of January

My Goals for Jan 2013

1:To clear out my flat, to truly get rid of stuff I don't need and to make space for me to be me.
2:To clear out my clothes, trying to just keep the things that are good quality and fit well.
3:To do my physio more often and increase my strength.
4:To refer myself to the exercise program.
5:To spend more time at home to look after me.
6:To sort through my paper work and actually find a more usable system, shred what I don't need to keep.
7:Put Shelves up because it might be a while til I get to move and I need to try to get my stuff sorted.
8:Contact the Richmond Trust and get on their books.
9:Go through debts and try to sort a plan of action.
10:Buy more waste paper baskets to keep my place more manageable and easily tidy-able

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