Sunday 15 January 2012

Mushroom Soup - (Update - Stroganoff type thing!)

Made mushroom soup, was great... thought I'd tell you how before everyone starts asking!

1 onion
150-200g pack of mushrooms
10 odd drops of worcester sauce
3 sloshes of soysauce
some butter/margarine to sweat the onions in
4 heaped teaspoons of creme fresh
1-2 pt of stock depending on thickness desired
approx 3 tablespoons plain flour
a shake or 2 of mixed herbs

Cut up onion and sweat in marg in saucepan till cooked. cut up mushrooms and add them to saucepan, add stock, worcester sauce, soysauce, flour stir and simmer for 20 odd mins. Put on low if not already, add creme fresh, melt in, whizz with hand blender, add salt and pepper to taste.


Oh, also, would have added garlic but I ran out!

Also... as an update...
I had bought loads of reduced mushrooms, so popped a load of stuff in my 2 slow cookers.

this was almost exactly the same as above except I used 300g of mushrooms approx in each slow cooker, and used beef stock as I had nowt else... I also left out the creme fresh until the end (which hasn't happened yet, but I didn't want it to curdle overnight).
To one I added one pack of diced beef to one of the slow cookers, that had been browned in the frying pan... this is going to be strogonoffy tomorrow! YUM!

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