Friday 16 September 2011

Fun with silver!


I forgot to actually blog about this set!

Half are Ivory with Triton wrapped around them, and the spotty ones are ivory with a wrap of mystic violet with random spots of triton.

Triton glass is a type of double helix silver glass which reacts in a reducing flame.
I love the shiny, oily effect brought by this glass!
The ivory glass reacts with silver, I love the way it produces an aged, vintage effect!
Gonna be playing a lot with this glass I think.

I had a few comments that the silent sunday was blurry, I deliberately posted the blurry one as a preview to this post but then forgot to actually post this explaining how they were made.
Hence this post before I forgot.
This weekend is a busy one with galavanting off to London but I hope to have a silent sunday, even if it's not a beady one!

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