Sunday 18 September 2011


I have a blog, which I don't post on anywhere near enough!
However, that's about the beads and jewellery and while that's lovely and brilliant, it doesn't even begin to cover who I am or what I'm interested in.

I'm more than one thing, as everyone is, I'm a collection of my past, my present, my hopes for the future, my friends, my family, my passions, my interests and those of the people around me.
I intend for this blog to be about me, to be on whatever the hell I want it to be about, if you don't like me, or what I write about don't read it! But I'm doing this for me, there's times you want to be able to get things out, or to be able to inform, or share, or just muse about something.

If you want to expect something from this blog expect the unexpected, I dunno who I am so I dunno how the hell to explain it to you guys but maybe as I discover myself I and you will get more of an insight into how I tick.
It's weird being able to write more than 140 characters at once!


  1. yay! i eagerly await finding out all about you!!!

  2. Thanks, I had missed your comments, I hope you like the header! I'll post a proper post soon :P